˚₊*̥.Motion graphic.*̥₊˚

Promotion Video of Hangeulggol Lab___2018

This video was produced to promote the Hangeulggol Lab, a typographic design club, for freshmen. Among various works related to typography, its theme was font making, kerning and visual correction. Using the font that the members had made as a source, we visualized various applications in the Fontlab Studio. In particular, we tried various motion graphics to match the piano music of rapid rhythms by applying the Korean pangram ̒ Round on a squirrel's used wheel.̓

Oomjigggol Motion Poster___2019

Oomjigggol was a open studio project of Typography(3) class. I worked as a member of management team designing a logo, a motion poster, and a poster printed with risography ink.

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