Home sweet home🏡

Welcome to my space!

Here, I’m gonna upload some inspirations and sources that I used on my portfolio website. Or I can also post some good references that I want to share with you!!

Who am I? :p

I’m Jane Ih who is majoring in visual communication design in HOngik university in Seoul, Republic of Korea!

I like to try various design fields, but the most interested areas are typography and graphic design.

If you want to explore my design works, click “Portfolio” on the menu! 😀

Portfolio :D

Oh, are you interested in my design works?

Ok then I’ll introduce my portfolio website 😉

…You will see this announcement on the page:

Welcome aboard!
In here, “Jane’s design universe”, you can travel around my design planets. Just click a planet that you want to visit! Hope you have a nice time… Bon voyage! 😀

If you are ready to go, click the “portfolio” button on the menu or click here!

Have fun!