˚₊*̥.3D Design.*̥₊˚

Astronomical Observatory___2018

This astronomical observatory was modeled by some reference images using Maya. A cozy astronomical laboratory was built with spiral stairs surrounding a large golden globe. The star- shaped lights floating in the air, and antique library with a soft and gentle warm light make you feel dreamlike and relaxed. At the end of the spiral staircase, there is a dome-shaped ceiling beyond a large astronomical telescope and the lighting of this space was set to express the night sky blue.

Old Landscape of the Station ___2018

A station that creates an antique mood similar to 'astronomical observatory' was modeled as the second project in the 3D design class. The steam locomotive going outside, an arch- shaped roof made of steel bars, and the sunset glow that permeated through them, created an even more wistful old scene.

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